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The Aena Arte Magazine is a body of expression and cultural dissemination of the artistic heritage of the Aena Foundation and of aeronautical knowledge.


Number 35
Number 35 Winter 2013
  • Names that set trends, by Gonzalo Iguain. Airport architecture today is dominated by two major figures: Foster and Saarinen, who are joined by another set of prestigious architects of comparable talent for creating functional buildings with defined personalities. Although all modern airports have certain shared features inherent to their activity and the growing demands of the sector, each architect leaves his personal style and signature on his work.
  • Ultralight sport aviation, an upward trend, by Óscar Cosin. Ultralight aircraft already represent 40% of all aircraft registered in Spain, and their increase seems to be unstoppable. According to the State Air Safety Agency, by October 2013 around 2,900 of these aircraft were registered in Spain, and there were 211 authorised ultralight centres and schools. But despite these figures, the path to introduce these much sought after "planes for the ordinary Joe" has been long and difficult, and even now their future development is far from settled.
  • Boeing designs the aviation of the future in Madrid, by Cristina G. Bolinches. Just over ten years ago, Boeing set up its first non-USA Research and Technology Centre in Madrid. This is an institution to serve all of Europe, which has become a centre of reference for the multinational in areas as important as air traffic control or the reduction of the environmental impact of planes. Located close to Madrid-Barajas Airport, it has a workforce of nearly 60 people and is a model of collaboration, working with around 60 universities all over Europe, and with other companies in the industry.
  • A decade of hard work, by Julián Oller. Ten years ago a group of amateur aviation enthusiasts launched a commendable project to safeguard and extend aeronautical heritage. The Valencian Air Foundation has reached its tenth year with many of its goals fulfilled, and with renewed strength to meet the new challenges of the future.
  • Remodelling for art's sake, by Arantxa Noriega. Many centres in Spain transform their spaces looking for a bigger and better cultural life. For example, the Sevilla Conference Centre, which has increased its capacity by adding a large independent building and 35,000 more square metres. Another renewed giant, the Conde Duque Centre in Madrid, now has 58,777 square metres, making it one of the largest cultural venues in the capital. The home of the Botín Foundation in Madrid and the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia are two more restored spaces.
  • Steps for getting ahead in the art world, by Maite Vázquez. Artists live from their creation and the sale of their works of art, but there are also other income streams, which as well as money, bring opportunities, prestige or the chance for exposure: awards, scholarships and prizes are some of the possibilities for young artists when they first enter the world of contemporary art.
  • Mijas opens a contemporary art centre, by Toni Álamo. This small town on the Malaga coast has acquired a new dimension. It is opening the Mijas Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), to show the greats: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Georges Braque, Tsuguharu Foujita, and more. It promises to be a major cultural reference in Spain thanks to the high quality and the quantity of the works it will house: 400, in rotation.
  • Interview with Chema Madoz: “Photography can stand at the same level as other visual arts”, by Félix Santos.
  • The airport age. Morir de amor, by Antonio Gómez Rufo.
  • Original illustrations by Nico Munuera.

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