Aena commitment

Agreements and sponsorships 

ENAIRE has collaboration agreements for its integration in the social, environmental and institutional fabric.

Collaboration agreements with other institutions

ENAIRE collaborates with different international institutions to improve the environmental sustainability of the organisation:

  • Ministry of Public Works workgroup on Climate Change and Transport.
  • Technical workgroup on noise with local councils, Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs
  • National Environment Conference (CONAMA).
  • Foundation for Research on Law and Companies (FIDE).
  • Sustainability Excellence Club (Environment Group).
  • ACI Europe Environmental Estrategy Committee.
  • ACI Europe Climate Change Task Force.
  • ACI Europe Airport Carbon Accreditation Task Force.
  • GRI Airports practitioners’ network.

Joint projects with Universities: Reference Centre for ATM Research, Development and Innovation (CRIDA)

Among many other projects developed between ENAIRE and universities, ENAIRE led the creation of the Centro de Referencia de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación ATM (Reference Centre for ATM Research, Development and Innovation, CRIDA) for air traffic control, in February 2008, under the legal format of an Economic Interest Group, constituted by ENAIRE (66%), Ineco (17%) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (17%).

CRIDA exists in order to analyse and evaluate concepts, procedures and systems for air traffic control-ATM so that they may be introduced in the future as instruments and support mechanisms for the provision of Air Traffic Services.