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Responses to doubts and questions about the CR Policy of Aena.

Frequently asked questions about the CR of ENAIRE


What is Corporate Responsibility (CR)?

CR is what an organisation contributes and gives back to society. ENAIRE sees CR as a structured mechanism that directly helps to demonstrate the organisation's commitment to social, environmental and economic development, from a stable, long-term perspective; it is the concept that, today, we all know as "sustainability".


How is CR organised in ENAIRE?

The internal structure for managing CR is very simple and involves the entire organisation at every level to ensure maximum scope, through the Delegated CR Committee and the CR Working Group. Thanks to this structure which cuts across the entire organisation, it is possible to focus and align all the actions carried out by ENAIRE in a more structured and coherent way and in a manner which is efficient and unites efforts in this field.


What are the latest CR goals?

ENAIRE wholeheartedly believes in the need to develop a comprehensive CR policy, based on dialogue with its stakeholders and a solid management structure integrated in its strategic planning mechanisms. This entails making a concerted effort, to date carried out entirely on its own initiative, which involves every part of the organisation, to ensure this corporate management structure is disseminated, reasoned, fostered and fully integrated in ENAIRE's day-to-day management and actions.

ENAIRE's main goal is to achieve business results based on the consolidation of future sustainability, which fully meet the expectations of our stakeholders.


Who are Aena's stakeholders?

ENAIRE is aware of the importance of its commitments to its various stakeholders, considering them all to be of equal importance. The stakeholder map, to define it in a generic and simplified way, is comprised of customers, partners who provide services to ENAIRE customers, service providers, employees, public administrations (national, regional and local) and international organisations, air transport industry associations, unions and business organisations and society in general.