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The Aena Arte Magazine is a body of expression and cultural dissemination of the artistic heritage of the Aena Foundation and of aeronautical knowledge.

Aena Arte

Aena Arte Magazine was created in 1996 as a way to express and disseminate the artistic assets of Aena Foundation and to give information on the science and technology of aeronautics, transport, air navigation and infrastructures. With these two extensive fields as its basic core, the magazine has become a privileged showcase for the national airport network and a forum of debate on the history of aviation and the new challenges of aeronautics. Moreover, it has opened a door to contemporary art and collectionism with essays, interviews with representatives of the latest trends and paying special attention to the aspects linked to the Aena art collection, the restoring of its works or its new purchases.

In addition to its regular features and fulfilling its obligation to art and culture, Aena Arte has always received collaboration from architects, artists and specialists in various fields. Each edition includes original illustrations which have been specially designed for the magazine by important and modern Spanish plastic artists such as Broto, Guinovart, Sicilia and Gordillo. Writers such as the Cervantes prizewinner José Jiménez Lozano, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Ángeles Caso or Luis Mateo Díez have taken part in its Tiempo de Aeropuertos section.

Number 38Summer 2015
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