ERDF Funds of the Europen Union 

ENAIRE helps to achieve a balance between development levels in the different regions through co-funding received from the ERDF.

ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)

According to the social integration and territorial structuring objectives of the Ministry of Public Works' Strategic Infrastructure and Transport Plan (PEIT), ENAIRE contributes to the objective of balancing development levels in the different regions and territories using the cofunding obtained from the ERDF.

2007-2013 PERIOD

During the 2007-2013 period ENAIRE took part in seven ERDF Operational Programmes:

  • Convergence Objective: Andalusia, Extremadura and Galicia.
  • Regions that are no longer part of the convergence objective for "statistical reasons" (Phasing-out objective): Murcia.
  • Regions which would no longer be a part of Objective 1 for natural reasons, i.e. due to exceeding 75% of the average gross domestic product of the EU-25 (Phasing-in objective): Castile-Leon, Canary Islands and Valencia.


2007-2013 subventions
Programa operativo Subvención concedida inicial Subvención concedida actual Subvención cobrada
Andalucía 43.466.826 48.868.912 48.598.808
Canarias 11.203.259 39.988.744 16.173.265
Canarias/RUP 104.292.800 119.007.800 94.606.167
Galicia 67.863.147 67.863.147 64.469.990
Extremadura 5.705.455 9.245.688 8.783.404
Región de Murcia 15.398.877 15.398.877 14.628.933
Comunidad Valenciana 10.588.224 10.588.224 10.058.813
Castilla- León 11.541.506 11.541.506 10.964.431
Asistencia Técnica y Gobernanza 0 168.000 159.600
TOTAL 270.060.094 322.670.898 268.443.410

* Amounts in euro


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2000-2006 PERIOD

In the 2000-2006 period ENAIRE took part in six ERDF Integrated Operational Programmes in Objective 1 regions: Andalusia, Canary Islands, Galicia, Melilla, Murcia and Valencia.


2000-2006 subventions
Programa operativo Subvención concedida inicial Subvención concedida actual Subvención cobrada
Andalucía 0 29.857.372 29.857.372
Canarias 231.406.001 272.045.404 272.045.404
Galicia 13.385.000 13.385.000 13.385.000
Melilla 894.100 4.315.236 4.315.236
Región de Murcia 0 17.925.062 12.355.599
C. Valenciana 23.847.000 28.332.519 28.332.519
TOTAL 269.532.101 365.860.593 360.291.130

* Amounts in euro


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The projects listed below, for which ENAIRE is a bidder, are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013 Programme:

> List of projects tendered by ENAIRE with ERDF funding (pdf, 44.91 Kb)

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