Safety Culture

The Safety Division promotes the development of an appropriate Safety Culture, which must reflect the attitudes of individuals, groups and the organisation, with norms and behaviour consistent with the valuing, prioritising and commitment to safety.

Safety Culture White Paper

Safety Culture White Paper

Explore the meaning of the concept "Safety Culture", and the need for its existence, the principles it is based on, the processes which exist to improve it, and the actions designed to encourage it by ENAIRE.

+ Seguridad Magazine

+ Seguridad en Navegación Aérea ( Air Navigation Safety Magazine)

" + Seguridad en Navegación Aérea" is a magazine created by ENAIRE to provide information on safety activities within the organisation and the aeronautical community in general.

More Safety Culture

More Safety Culture

Expand on the world of safety culture through articles, studies and various types of training and educational material prepared by international experts in the field.


  • Special issue on safetySafety or Security?In Spanish these different concepts are a single word, "seguridad", making it necessary to distinguish them: safety is "seguridad operacional" and security is "seguridad física".

Test of the month: General Concepts of Safety

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