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ENAIRE Network

ENAIRE provides a range of air traffic services through five regional directorates.

The ENAIRE's network, through five regional directorates, provides air traffic services in Spanish airspace, both sovereign and that granted to Spain by international agreements. It comprises three main parts or flight information regions (FIR): Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands, the heads of the Centro-Norte, Este and Canary Islands Regional Directorates, respectively. There are also two other regions in the airspace: South - by delegation from FIR Madrid - and Balearic - part of FIR Barcelona.

ENAIRE's network also has a specialised centre for coordinating, supervising and analysing in real time the functioning and quality of the services provided.

Each regional directorate has the same functions in its area:

  • Air traffic planning, organising and control, aeronautical information services, and maintenance of the facilities and communication networks of the air navigation system assigned to each region.
  • Directing and applying the strategic and operating plans for their area; evaluating the needs and execution of the projects for new air navigation infrastructure, and proposed changes to the configuration of the regional airspace.
  • Coordination and administration of human resources in each region.

ENAIRE's regional directorates are based at the control centres (ACC) in Barcelona, Madrid, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca and Seville. From these strategic control centres ENAIRE ensures safety and ongoing air traffic control.

Operational support departments

Each control centre (ACC) has various departments supporting it:

  • Flow Management Planning / Position (FMP), directly liaising with Eurocontrol in Brussels concerning the flow of air traffic and aspects relating to traffic load and overload, as well as any anomalies.
  • Operational air traffic control (CAO), part of the Ministry of Defence, for civil-military air traffic coordination.

Integrated Air Navigation Services and Network Supervision Centre (SYSRED H24)

ENAIRE has a Network Management Centre (SYSRED H24), based at the Control Centre in Madrid-Torrejón, which manages the information generated by incidents in ENAIRE's network in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The functions of SYSRED H24 include:

  • Managing the real-time supervision and analysis of the functioning and quality of the services of ENAIRE's air navigation network, and drawing up and distributing reports for stakeholder groups in real time.
    • Drawing up and distributing daily forecast reports.
    • Drawing up and distributing regular air navigation Network status reports.
    • Drawing up and distributing regular statistical reports to provide information to ENAIRE Headquarters for decision-making purposes.
  • Coordinating with the Aena Red H24 Management Centre.
  • Developing and setting up contingency plans and procedures for special and/or critical situations, carrying out internal and/or external coordination with ENAIRE.
  • Coordinating with the ENAIRE Communication Directorate, depending on available information, for distribution to external units.
  • Supporting the management of the ENAIRE Crisis Committee.
  • It is also responsible for operating network services:
    • It manages the operation of the International NOTAM office.
    • It manages the availability and continuity of service of ENAIRE's data communications networks and centralised systems, applying the relevant technical operation standards and procedures.


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