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Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)

Aeronautical information for the Spanish territory and airspace under its responsibility.

The Aeronautical Information Division is in charge of providing the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) to all users requesting it.

The AIS provides the necessary information to ensure aeronautical operations develop with safety, regularity, economy and efficiency. All the information is made public and distributed from ENAIRE central services by the means of the "integrated aeronautical information package", composed of:

  • Spanish AIP: Aeronautical Information Publication
  • AIP Amendments and Supplements
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
  • NOTAMs

The AIP contains permanent information about the services, facilities regulations and procedures affecting air operations in the Spanish airspace.

Furthermore, in order to support user requirements, the AIS Division is participating in international projects like SESAR and is undertaking an ambitious evolution process to an digital environment following ICAO’s AIS to AIM transition roadmap. As a first step, aeronautical information is made available to airspace users by diverse means (DVD, web, aeronautical cartography, etc.).

All in order to provide users with the necessary guaranties and confidence on the information provided, ensuring it is available at the required place at the required time.


Aeronautical information updates:

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