The R&D&i project for the integration of all the en route and approach control systems.

Description of the project

Technological development and the automation of the air navigation system have led to the creation of several excellent systems of air traffic control. One of these is the Automated System of Air Traffic Control (SACTA).

The aim of this product is to integrate the systems of all the Spanish en-route and approach control centres to ensure consistency in the handling of data and coordination, as well as increased capacity of air traffic control. This project also aims to homogenise all the control systems around the country.

On an international level, SACTA facilitates automatic communication between Spanish and foreign control centres. It does this by using international standards of data exchange, reducing human intervention to a minimum, automatically detecting potential conflicts and contributing greater flexibility to the reconfiguration of the operational airspace as a means of minimising the effects of the so-called "traffic peaks".

SACTA is already fulfilling expectations in terms of the improved management of air traffic, providing an adequate response to the traffic using Spanish airspace. The technology it uses is one hundred percent Spanish, and it is being exported to other countries by the manufacturer, Indra.


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