iTECeFDP Project 

The flight data processing system is compatible with the different European suppliers.

Description of the iTEC-eFDP project

With the aim of achieving the most homogeneous possible Air Traffic Control (ATC) system in Europe, ENAIRE, like other European partners, has been a participant for several years in the Eurocontrol debates on several related topics. Homogeneity would greatly enhance the common processing of the data exchanged by the various systems when aircraft cross borders and would also distribute the cost of developing the project amongst the member states.

This is how ENAIRE joined the eFDP project in 1999, together with its partners (NATS-UK, STNA-France, ENAV-Italy and UAC-Maastricht) and co-ordinated by Eurocontrol, initiating the granting of some specifications on flight plan processing within the air traffic control system, which should have been operating within the first five years of the 21st century. This project finally disappeared in 2000.

The future iTEC-eFDP flight data processing system will be the result of co-operation between ENAIRE, the German DFS and NATS.

This project, the heir of the eFDP, intends to develop an open and interoperable system for processing flight data, which can be used by the different European ATM providers. Now without Eurocontrol coverage, iTEC-eFDP will enable convergence to a common system based on the present flight plan processing systems (TPV) of SACTA and the German VAFORIT, following the requirements previously developed within the eFDP.

Following a stage in which the three service providers defined the characteristics of the future system through a joint Programme Office located in Madrid, and once the specification and system design phases have been completed, the next development phases will be carried out separately.

ITEC-eFDP has defined the new interoperability concepts between systems based on the original concepts contained in eFDP, which has led to a co-operation project with the COFLIGHT project (equivalent to iTEC-eFDP between the service providers in France, Italy and Switzerland) called ICOG (Interoperability CO-operation Group). ICOG has jointly defined the physical and operational mechanisms for interoperability between the future systems. Currently, ICOG has finalised its second phase, in which the main product was the detailed definition of future systems' interfaces. During this second phase, the relationship with Eurocontrol intensified, mainly with the CFMU unit, which has received the ICOG interfaces as input to the definition study of its CFMU Flight Object Server.

The ITEC-eFDP project will actively contribute to validating the concepts and implementation of the different SESAR projects.


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