The region covering the five islands of the Balearic archipelago and their surrounding shipping area.

Description of the Regional Directorate

The Balearic Regional Directorate provides air traffic information and control services to all of the transits crossing its area of responsibility. This region includes, as part of its area, an archipelago made up of 5 islands (Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera) and several small isles. Only the first three have an airport and air navigation aids.

The region also has a hydro-military base in Pollensa (Majorca) and two aerodromes for exlusive VFR use at Son Bonet (Island of Majorca) and San Luis (Minorca).

The landcsapes, beaches, mild climate and ancient origins of the Balearic Islands have turned them into one of the most popular tourist destination anywhere in the world, thus making their airports one of the busiest in Spain.

Palma de Mallorca Area Control Centre

The Palma Area Control Centre (ACC) manages, by delegation of the Barcelona ACC, the air space between the terminal control areas (TCA) of Palma and Valencia, from a parallel line 10 NM to the north of the airway A33 axis to a parallel line 10 NM to the south of the airway B46 axis.

The air space controlled by the Balearic Regional Directorate is, in turn, Palma terminal control area (TCA). Therefore, from this Area Control Centre (ACC), not only is the management of the air traffic control in this region guaranteed, but also the planning and management of aeronautical communications and information.

These functions are complemented thanks to the services offered by the control towers at Palma, Minorca and Ibiza airports.


Aeronautical information updates:

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