The region to manage the air traffic of the entire south of the peninsula, the bay of Cadiz and the western Mediterranean.

Description of the Regional Directorate

The South Air Navigation Regional Directorate, through the Seville Air Traffic Control Centre and its associated towers, manages the air traffic of all the south of the peninsula, including not only Andalusia but also the province of Badajoz, a good part of Ciudad Real, Albacete and Murcia, together with all of the bay of Cadiz and all of the western Mediterranean.

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There are two terminal control areas (TMAs) inside it - Seville and Almeria-, the corridor of Melilla and eight airports: Seville, Malaga-Costa del Sol, Almeria, Granada, Melilla, Cordoba, Jerez and Badajoz. It also provides approach services for the bases at Morón and Rota.

Around 30% of all domestic air traffic travels through its airspace, which is also a vital connection for everyone coming from or going to the Canary Islands, South America or West Africa. The geographically unavoidable fact that this airspace is the border of the European Union is not only important from a political point of view, but also social and economic.

Seville air traffic control centre

Seville air traffic control centre (ACC), from where air traffic information and control is provided for all aircraft crossing its airspace, began operations in May 1952. It was the first in Spain, with extensive experience and history in the world of aeronautics.

A community of 400 million inhabitants - Spain and Latin America - with an increasing need to travel, heightened in this case by the development of tourism on the South Atlantic coast and in the Canary Islands, and the very probable establishment of a track on the South Atlantic routes (to and from Latin America), mean that this control centre plays an important role in European and international air transport. At present it has the modern facilities that will be needed for introducing the technology required in the future, within the European framework, as part of the evolution of the concept of air traffic control, bearing in mind the institutional changes brought in by the EU.


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