EGNOS Programme
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    The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service Programme (EGNOS) is a global navigation satellite system designed to increase GPS services. The programme is promoted by the European Union, Eurocontrol and the European Space Agency (ESA) and uses the free American GPS signal.


    In the 1990s, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in an attempt to define and perfect a Global Navigation System (GNSS) with world-wide coverage (GNSS), stated the need to create augmentation systems that avoided the errors and insufficiencies in the existing operative constellations. It defined this function as augmentation and described one of its variants: SBAS systems.

    • 1994. The ministers of Transport from the (ECAC) European Civil Aviation Conference proposed developing one of the European augmentation components for the GNSS, in order to achieve a certain degree of independence from the North American GPS. At the end of this same year the EGNOS programme was approved.
    • 1995-1998. Conclusion of the initial phase of EGNOS. The definition and preliminary design of the project are established. The programme is extended and deployed.
    • 2005-2009. Start of the first operations of the completed system. EGNOS features are validated so it can be certified as a valid augmentation system for civil aviation.
    • 2009. New contractual framework in which the owner of the system is the European Commission, the service provider is ESSP (European Satellite Services Provider) under an EC contract, and the agency entrusted with the design will be the European Space Agency (ESA).
    • 2010. The ESSP is certified as the EGNOS Service Provider according to Single European Sky regulations.
    • 2011. The European Commission declares the EGNOS system suitable for use in civil aviation.

    The evolution of EGNOS to cover multi-constellation and multi-frequency services will be developed under the framework of EGNOS v3 and is planned for 2020.

    For more information on the EGNOS system, consult the official website of the European Space Agency:

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