The projects aim to improve the organisation, development and evolution of the air navigation system.

Air navigation system development (ANSD)

The role of the CNS/ATM Simulation Division is to provide useful and quantitative information about the anticipated benefits (in terms of capacity, safety, efficiency, environmental impact, etc.) from investments, changes in the system's features, improvement proposals, etc. The Division is part of the CNS / ATM Systems and services the organisation's units as well as facilitating decision-making processes, offering analysis and solutions related to the Air Navigation System.

The solutions provided by the CNS/ATM Simulation Division are based on accelerated simulation and analysis methods quantified in terms of operational benefits and performance.

The role of the Division centres mainly on:

  • Analysis of the air navigation system through simulation and validation of proposed solutions.
  • Management of analysis method development.
  • Identification and transfer of R&D&I activities towards CRIDA.

Objectives of the ANS/ATM Simulation Division:

The Division has the following objectives:

  1. Evaluating the current status and predicted evolution of the air navigation system and the airport system through analysis and simulation techniques.
  2. Carrying out the R&D&I activities identified in the analysis as necessary for the evolution of the air navigation system.
  3. Developing the infrastructure and techniques required for system status and evolution analysis.
  4. Co-ordinating the other ENAIRE units affected by or involved in all the above activities (analysis, R&D&I and analysis infrastructure development).


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