Lines of action 

The main activities undertaken by the CNS/ATM Simulation Division. 

Main activities of the Simulation Division

The benchmarks followed by the CNS/ATM Simulation Division within its sphere of responsibility are:

  • Engineering development: Creation of methods for analysis, statistical data use and development of simulation tools and techniques.
  • Participation in programmes aimed at increasing efficiency and safety in the development of the Air Navigation System and its airport interface.
  • Analysis of the impact of the CNS / ATM system (communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management) and its indicators.
  • Development and approval of the future operational concept and planning the transitional period.
  • Participation in the design of national and international R&D lines: ACARE, 6th Framework Programme, Eurocontrol-FAA R&D, etc.
  • Promotion of innovative conceptual research in the CNS / ATM field through collaboration with various universities, research centres and other centres of excellence.
  • Creation of an ATM R&D&I Centre of Reference (CRIDA). During 2008 a Centre was created devoted to R&D projects in the ATM (Air Traffic Management) field. This centre (called CRIDA) is an economic interest group with the participation of ENAIRE, the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and Ineco. In general terms, CRIDA will provide support for the R&D&I activities required by ENAIRE. More information is available at

Simulation Infrastructure

Simulation infrastructure is necessary for the functioning of Simulation activities. The activity of the infrastructure division is based on balancing the acquisition of tools and internal developments and external developments by a team with experience in software and hardware development.


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