The research and development programs carried out by the CNS/ATM Simulation Division.

Projects of the CNS/ATM Simulation Division

Much of the R&D&I activity of the Simulation Division has been transferred to CRIDA (ATM R&D Centre of Reference). However, one line of activity remains with the main ATM R&D&I project, SESAR.

The Simulation Division provides support for the following projects:

  1. The SESAR project (Single European Sky ATM Research) is a joint project of the European air transport community for the implementation of a high performance European ATM. More information is available at the website of the Single European Sky.

  2. The PERSEO Project (Platform for Analysis of the Network Effects of Sectorisation in Operation). This is a web application providing a scheduled and real operational information service (sectorial cargo, postponements, regulations, etc.) for airports and sectors in Spanish airspace. The tool is in use through the Air Navigation intranet. PERSEO includes statistical reports and permits cross-analysis of scheduled information and real information.

    PERSEO is conceived as a tool for systematic analysis of the system that enables problems to be predicted methodologically before they occur, and also permits a standardised access route to air navigation operating information. PERSEO is developed and maintained by CRIDA, and the CNS/ATM Simulation Division deploys the application.

  3. ThePITOT Project (Integrated Operational Platform for Optimising Analysis Techniques). This is a platform designed for focusing ATM analysis on the study of the air navigation system. Its mission is to enable studies that were impractical up until now and to improve the efficiency, reliability and response times of the air navigation system analysis required by ENAIRE.

  4. Automation of NORVASE (Sector validation standard): the project is developing a tool to automate taking NORVASE samples by extracting data from the system and voice recognition.

  5. SCOPE project: develops a method for estimating the operational capacity for aerodrome towers.

  6. E-TLMETLM is a tool enabling the monitoring and real time estimation of the workload of all CTA positions for any control room configuration.

  7. The ATMAN project (ATC Human Workload Model), which aims to develop a method of evaluating the workload of air traffic controllers in the work position in control centres and control towers.


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