Programmes aimed at optimising the air navigation system.

ATM Capacity

The term capacity in air traffic management (ATM) indicates the maximum number of aircraft movements / operations entering a sector, overflying a point or departing from an aerodrome or a set of aerodromes per hour.

So, the capacity ATM is its ability to provide Air Navigation services to a certain volume of air traffic, in line with the targeted high level of safety and without imposing significant operational, economic or environmental penalties under normal circumstances.

Examples of operational penalties: ground delay, assignment of a cruise level different from the optimum one during a long period of flight, extra mileage.

For this reason, determining the capacity is fundamental to optimise the air navigation system, achieving greater efficiency; that is, the maximum capacity at the minimum cost. To this end, programmes such as PICAP, NORVASE and MICA have been developed.


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