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The procedure for accessing aeronautical information.

Updated on 09-NOV-2017

Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

All information contained herein is for information purposes only; only texts published in the digital edition will be considered authentic (DVD).

This website allows the viewing of the following content, available on its date of publication at the corresponding links:
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  • AIRAC Amendments
  • Supplements to AIP in effect
  • Existing AICs (Aeronautical Information Circulars)

The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is a basic aeronautical information manual. It contains permanent information and long-term changes and it is used essentially for air navigation and airport operations. It is divided into three parts:
  1. Generalities (GEN).

    This comprises five sections that contain administrative and explanatory information.

  2. En Route (ENR).

    This area is made up of seven sections that contain information regarding airspace and its usage: ATS procedures and standards, airspace description, etc.

  3. Aerodromes (AD).

    An area with four sections that include information concerning aerodromes/heliports in Spanish territory and their usage: geographical and administrative data, physical characteristics and associated cartography, etc.

All the information supplied by the AIP is updated through regular amendments, AIRAC amendments, supplements and NOTAM.

Regular Amendments

Regular amendments (AMDT) include small changes and editorial corrections, in addition to permanent information that was previously distributed in the NOTAM or in a supplement and requires insertion in the AIP. The AMDT are published monthly and their publication generally coincides with the date a AIRAC cycle enters into force.

The AIP is updated on the web on the same day that it is published, in accordance with the amendment issued on that date. Changes are indicated by arrows in the left-hand margin of the page on which the modification is to be found. In this section, the cover pages that accompany the regular amendments cab be referred to.
AIRAC Amendments

The AIRAC (AIRAC AMDT) amendments contain information that will most likely be permanent and which is important for air navigation and/or airport operations. Changes go into force after publication.

They are published as per the regulatory publication system of the AIRAC (Regulations and Control of Aeronautical Information), based on information distribution in accordance with a calendar of "dates to take effect" at 28-day predetermined and internationally agreed intervals.
The AMDT AIRAC have a green cover and the pages should be inserted in the AIP at the date that they enter into force.

The cover shows the following:

  • The AMDT AIRAC number.
  • The date (day and month) of publication.
  • The date the information goes into effect in the AIRAC.
  • A brief description of the changes included in the amendment and a list that indicates the pages to be inserted and/or replaced in the AIP for the date it goes into effect.
  • A list of NOTAM, SUP and/or AIC that should be cancelled due to the new amendment.
The published AMDT AIRAC can be visualised before they go into effect, therefore allowing you to make a plan that takes them into account. Once in force, the amendments are included in the AIP on the web.

The supplements complement or vary the information contained in the AIP. They contain temporary information that requires extensive texts and/or explanatory graphics. There are two types of supplements:

Regular Supplement (REGULAR SUP):

It is published at regular intervals whenever there is information available and contains information which comes into force on specific dates clearly marked on each SUP. REGULAR SUPs are published entirely on yellow pages and consist of:
  • REGULAR SUP number
  • Date (day and month of publication).
  • Date the information becomes effective
  • The part of the AIP affected by the incident
  • Expiration date
  • Detailed description of the incident
  • A list of NOTAM, SUP and/or AIC that should be cancelled as a result of the SUP.

AIRAC Supplement (AIRAC SUP):

In addition to the main characteristics of any SUP, an AIRAC SUP contains predictable, temporary information that is important for air navigation and/or airport operations. This information is appropriate to be published through the AIRAC system and as such, it is in accordance with the specific calendar for entrance into force.
The AIRAC SUP is published on pink paper and includes the following:
  • AIRAC SUP Number.
  • Date (day and month of publication).
  • Date the information becomes effective in the AIRAC
  • Expiration date
  • The part of the AIP affected by the incident
  • Detailed description of the incident
  • A list of NOTAM, SUP and/or AIC that should be cancelled as a result of the AIRAC SUP.
Air operations information exists that is not included in the AIP or distributed by the NOTAM or the supplements. This information is published in Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC).
The AIC mainly contain administrative or explanatory information or advice that could affect operations in the long term. In general, the AIC usually provide advance information on changes in legislation or regulations, the establishment of new facilities or changes in publication procedures, etc.
There are two series of circulars, depending on the level they affect:
  • National (only in Spanish)
  • International


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