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ENAIRE Customer Service

One of the main values identified at ENAIRE is the focus on the customer, which requires us to think about our clients' needs and include them in our processes so as to involve the whole organisation. At ENAIRE, we make every effort to become familiar with and efficiently manage the requirements of airline companies, pilots, airport operators and associations so that we may anticipate their needs.

We create opportunities to listen to our customers through the following channels:

  • Perceived quality level: The perceived quality survey which we carry out periodically lets customers rate their perception of the service compared to their expectations of it. The survey is aimed at airlines, airports, pilots and general aviation and is the real driver of ongoing improvement for the organisation as its results are used to establish specific plans for action.
  • Annual Air Navigation Customer Cooperation Forum: This is an annual meeting with associations, airlines, airports and general aviation where we can share information of mutual interest related to providing air navigation services.
  • eGovernment: In compliance with Law 11/2007 of 22 June, regarding the public’s online access to public services, ENAIRE facilitates communication through eGovernment, allowing public information to be consulted or different administrative procedures to be carried out (including queries, suggestions, complaints or claims).
  • ENAIRE Customer Services: Via email: provides an easy-access channel for queries, suggestions, complaints and claims, expressly tailored to customer services in the aeronautical sector (airlines, airport managers, pilots and other organisations in the sector) directing them to the correct ENAIRE department and providing them with a fast response within the period required by law (20 days).
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