Public information

For ENAIRE, transparency is a core value that is applied transversely in all its activities and in every scope of the organisation. Good governance, corporate responsibility, confidence, reputation and credibility are based on transparency in management.

ENAIRE commits to guaranteeing free access to its public information via its website and the Transparency Portal of the Ministry of Public Works.

ENAIRE guarantees the citizens' right to access public information. If you would like to request information about ENAIRE in accordance with Act 19/2013 of 9 December on Transparency, Access to public information and Good governance, you can forward your request:

  • Via the Transparency Portal
  • In person: at ENAIRE's General Registry. Avenida de Aragón 330, Edificio B, 28022 Madrid. Do not forget to take your National ID No. or passport. You can download the form below.
  • By ordinary mail: send your request, together with a photocopy of your National ID No. or passport, to Gabinete Dirección General. Avda. de Aragón 330, Edificio B, 28022 Madrid. Clearly specify on the envelope Consulta Ley 19/2013. You can download the form below

​​All replies will be sent via the Transparency Portal

Received requests for access to information

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