Application for Activity with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

According to the current law (Royal Decree 1036/2017, which governs the civil use of remotely piloted aircraft), certain operations carried out with professional RPAS require coordinating with or through ENAIRE. At the end of the page you can download instructions that explain which operations must be processed and how to fill in the form. The use of a drone or RPA as a hobby or to carry out recreational flights does not require AESA's authorisation, but it must comply with the security regulations. For more information, you can consult its website.

Applicants details

Do the operation, the operator(s) that carry it out and the aircraft have the authorisations and certificates required by RD1036/2017 of 15 December 2017?*
If you are within the safety distances of an aerodrome, have you established the required coordination procedures?*

Nature of the activity

Specialised Air Operations

BVLOS experimental flights. Airspace segregation request

Activity dates

Work Zone and Characteristics of the Activity (WGS-84 reference system. Geographical coordinates)

A - Type of zone (in degrees, minutes and seconds. Add as many points as necessary)*
Point (in degrees, minutes and seconds)
B - Altitude above Ground Level (AGL) or Altitude above mean sea level (AMSL)*
C- Other information

Aircraft (add as many as necessary)

Aircraft (add as many as necessary)
Aircraft (make and model) Series No. RPA type MTOW Speed


Capacity See and Avoid
Airworthiness Certificate
Impact absorption devices
Navigation lights
High-visibility Paint
Flight Rules

Download from this link the instructions to fill in the application.


Controller: ENAIRE. | Purpose: Analyse and coordinate the Aeronautical Security Study presented in accordance with Royal Decree 1036/2017. | Legitimation: The processing is based on article 6.1.c) of the GDPR: Air navigation regulations. | Recipients: The transfer of data to AESA (State Air Safety Agency) has been planned. | Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, through ENAIRE's Central Data Protection Unit (UCPD, acronym in Spanish) - Avda. de Aragón, 330 - Edificio B - 28022 Madrid or through its E-Office (

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