Air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM)

One of ENAIRE’s core missions is to help aircraft traffic to flow as smoothly as possible and to fully harness the capacity of the airspace and airports.

This allows airlines to operate with the highest safety and efficiency guarantees and for airports to have the greatest number of operations per hour.

To guarantee this capacity at all times, ENAIRE has tools that constantly monitor sector demand and evaluate the complexity of the expected traffic situation.

We use the information received to develop and apply measures that make it possible to adjust traffic demand, optimising the available capacity in our airspace (control regulations, short-term scenarios and measures).

These measures are adapted to real demand, effective sector capacity and dynamic management at all times, using the most suitable configurations.

Our Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) services are:

  • ATFCM service supply to control centres through flow control positions.
  • National coordination of route availability and airport environment to provide EUROCONTROL with the characteristics and modes of use of our ATM structures (airways, routing, control sectors, etc.).
  • ATFCM service supply to other Spanish air-navigation service providers.
  • Coordination with the Network Manager on measures to minimise the impact of extraordinary situations (implementation of new control systems, adverse weather, etc.).