Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems are key in the provision of safe and efficient air traffic management. These systems have historically been ground-based, yet space technologies have demonstrated to be a revolutionary opportunity for the sector. ENAIRE is a pioneer in the implementation of satellite navigation systems, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like EGNOS supposed a catalytic effect and have deeply changed the way the world understood the navigation concept, changing Air Navigation forever.

Communication and Surveillance systems are still mainly ground-based which means that in remote and oceanic airspace there is limited provision of corresponding services which is severely affecting the airspace capacity and flight efficiency. Shifting to space technologies is a paramount leap towards the future of sustainable aviation reducing the separation between aircraft, increasing the flexibility of the usage of the airspace, breaking the pre-establishment of air routes and unleashing strong economic, environmental, safety and operational benefits.

In this regard, satellite-based VHF Communication and Surveillance systems will grant a global coverage high-performant solution which is key to meet the future aviation challenges in terms of emissions, capacity and efficiency, whilst providing with the flexibility required by the users to make aviation sustainable in the long-term, for instance by enabling the User Preferred Routes concept in Oceanic areas.

Startical, a joint venture of Enaire and Indra that will launch a constellation of satellites specifically designed for ATM. Startical will provide satellite-based VHF communications (voice and data) and ADS-B surveillance services with global coverage, key to reducing aircraft separation in oceanic and continental remote areas, thereby reducing separation standards, increasing efficiency and capacity while reinforcing the level of security required. In addition, it will serve as a backup for the continental areas.

Startical will not require any changes to avionics. Pilots and air traffic controllers will not need additional training and both VHF and ADS-B data will be processed by current air traffic control systems without modification.

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