Distribution and sales

Ordering and Payment Methods:

The orders and payment can be performed using the ENAIRE virtual shop available at the Products section of ENAIRE web page.

This will be the fastest and most efective way to receive the products as soon as possible.

Other Orders and Payment Methods:

When the virtual shop can not be used, publication orders could also be made by written to ais@enaire.es.

For any question you could contact to AIS Division: +34 91 321 31 48.

If you are client please include in the order you CLIENT CODE and if not, send to us your personal details (name, address, VAT, etc..) in order to issue the corresponding valuation. Take into account that if the delivery address and invoice address are different you must send both.

Payment intructions by bank deposit or transfer will be provided by the AIS Division.

The publications will be sent as soon as payment is confirmed.

The requested documents will be sent by standard mail. If you desire other option, you must manage the associated issues and pay the charges, informing the AIS Division about this question.

ENAIRE treasury Department will send to you the corresponding invoice. Please take into account that any charge corresponding to the bank payment must be assumed by the client.

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