Code of ethics and good governance

Code of Ethics and Claims Channel

As part of its commitment towards transparency, business ethics and compliance with the current regulations and in line with its Crime Prevention Model (CPM), ENAIRE has implemented a Code of Ethics that includes the principles and values that should inspire the behaviour of its employees and executives, as well as behavioural guidelines to be followed in order to comply with these values and principles.

This Code of Ethics was approved by ENAIRE's Board of Directors and envisages the implementation of a Claims Channel as a means to communicate any possible irregular behaviour or that which is against the law, policies and procedures of the organisation or the performance standards set forth in the Code of Ethics. The Claims Channel's Management Committee is the body responsible for managing this channel.

Sanctions for non-compliance with the Code of Ethics or for inappropriate conduct in accordance with ENAIRE's values are set out in the Collective Bargaining Agreements, both in the 2nd Professional Collective Bargaining Agreement for Air Traffic Controllers and in the 1st Collective Bargaining Agreement for the AENA Group of companies.

This channel can be accessed via the intranet by all ENAIRE employees, and ENAIRE undertakes with utmost commitment keeping absolute confidentiality in regard to the information received and managed through this Claim Channel.

For the purpose of reinforcing the compliance with the Code of Ethics, in addition to the dissemination measures ENAIRE has carried out it is promoting continuous training actions by providing compulsory courses to all its employees, which are framed within the Crime Prevention Model with the aim of presenting and reminding its key aspects.

ENAIRE's Code of Ethics has been included among the downloadable documents added at the end of the page.

Board of Directors

You can see ENAIRE's Board members here

Meetings Board of Directors

In 2022 a total of 10 Boards Meetings were held.

In the documents that can be downloaded, you can see the remuneration per attendance to the Board Meetings.

Declaration of assets and property rights of senior officials

The Chairperson (not published yet) and the General Manager of ENAIRE are obliged to submit this declaration, which is detailed in this link