Economic information

The information on contracts and minor contracts involving ENAIRE is available both on the website itself and on the Public Sector Contracting Platform, where every contract will be published.

In compliance with article 8.1.f of Act 19/2013 of 9 December, on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, information is provided on the remuneration received by the CEO and by the Chairperson of the state-owned company ENAIRE.

On 10th June 2023, there was a change in leadership at the company, such that the remuneration received to date was €84,907.64 and considered eleven seniority bonuses. From that date onwards, and based on the proportional part of the remainder of the annual period, the remuneration was €103,419.77 and, due to the type of contract, seniority is not considered, although he was eligible for seven bonuses.

The Chairperson of ENAIRE does not receive remuneration from said state-owned company. The Chairperson's compensation is that received by virtue of his position as Secretary of State for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, the details of which are available to the public at this link: Transparency - General - Search

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