The growth of the drone sector represents a challenge for all airspace users.

Here at ENAIRE, we are working to ensure that all aircraft can coexist safely in this airspace. Regardless of their size and use, drones are considered aircraft, as defined by the national and international law to which they are subject.

In Spain, ENAIRE has carried out various trials to integrate drones into controlled airspace, it has participated in RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) meetings and projects as part of the European Union's SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme, as well as being an active promoter and keynote speaker at multiple national and international conferences and events.

ENAIRE offers all citizens ENAIRE Drones application, which allows any RPAS pilot or operator, whether a professional or amateur enthusiast, to safely plan their RPAS' flight.

It also offers drone pilots and operators tools to allow them to consult the NOTAM (NOtice to AirMen) and to access aeronautical information in a digital and comprehensive format through Insignia.

WARNING! To fly a drone in situations involving risks, catastrophes or public calamities, at the request of the public authority responsible for managing such situations, ENAIRE has established a fast and agile H24 coordination procedure.

In any case, always remember the basic rules of operation, either you flight in controlled or non-controlled airspace.

Drones are not a game, they are aircraft; fly safely!

Visit the AESA drones website for more information.