International business development

ENAIRE also has a clear objective in the international sphere: to influence the design and management of the European and global air navigation system and optimise investments in the development of the Spanish system. Our global vocation is shown through our holdings in companies and consortiums and our participation in international product and service tenders and commercialisation bids:

Holdings in companies and consortiums

ENAIRE engages in regional and global service-provision initiatives through its stakes in companies that provide these services and which may opt for new business areas. The most important are:

  • GroupEAD S.L.: ENAIRE has a 36% stake in this company, currently the contract holder for the Eurocontrol EAD service provision contract for 2016-2020.
  • ESSP SAS: Through its 16.67% holding in Aena Desarrollo Internacional, a fully owned company of Aena S.A., ENAIRE engages in the management of the company European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP SAS) which won the EC’s GSA contract (European GNSS Agency) for EGNOS satellite navigation operation and service provision for the 2014-2021 period.
  • PENS: ENAIRE is involved with the governing bodies of PENS (Pan European Network Services), which has been providing communication services for data exchange between ATM systems internationally since 2009 and will do so until 2018. ENAIRE also provides communication services for the Eurocontrol Network Manager and Spanish EAD users from all of its centres through the use of the REDAN air navigation data network.
  • Datalink service provision for SITA: ENAIRE has been providing the datalink communications service to the SITA company in Spain since 2002. This service drives the automatic issuing and reception of messages between airlines and air traffic services. To do so, ENAIRE operates, maintains and develops its own ground-to-air datalink stations network and uses REDAN to transmit the information.
  • Datalink service provision for ARINC: ENAIRE has been providing administrative facility concession services, associated services and maintenance of the datalink stations of the ARINC company since 2001, along with the use of REDAN.

The intention in the future is to forge a position in satellite ANS provision, in surveillance and communications.

International tenders

ENAIRE is shoring up its engagement in international tenders and commercialisation bids for products and services associated with ATC provision, operation and CNS/ATM systems operation and engineering. Of note are the following:

  • ESSP EGNOS Service Provision Contracts: ENAIRE acts as a subcontractor for the company European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP SAS) within the framework of the operation and provision of the EGNOS satellite navigation service for the 2014-2021 period. In particular, five contracts have been signed for the provision of diverse services.
  • NewPENS service contract: joint bid for IP-based communications service provision for ATM applications (NewPENS) which replaces PENS. The experience gained with PENS made it possible to identify different areas of improvement designed to reinforce the use of PENS as the ground-to-ground communications network between ANSPs across Europe.NewPENS is expected to boost the network’s use by providing services such as the most extensive network in Europe for the ATM community, supported by a reliable, secure and affordable ground-to-ground communications infrastructure (voice and data).
  • SWIM: System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concerns the development of services for information exchange. SWIM comprises standards, infrastructures and governance enabling the management of information and its exchange between operational stakeholders via interoperable services.