Xavier Benavent Navarro


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Xavier Benavent Navarro

A senior telecommunications engineer who graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia after specialising in communications, Mr Benavent has held an air traffic controller licence since 1997 and a commercial pilot’s licence since 2001.

He began his professional career at Aena in 1997 as an air traffic controller at the Barcelona tower, before moving to ENAIRE’s air traffic control centre at Barcelona in 2000, where his duties involved training and supervision.

He has been head of TMA Operations at Barcelona and head of the Regional Air Traffic Services Division in the East Region, where he promoted the implementation of projects with new SACTA functionalities as part of plans for enhancing airspace efficiency and the start of the project for the design of a new TMA in Barcelona.

He has been the ENAIRE Operations Director since April 2017.