Safety Coordination Form

The current Safety Coordination Form exclusively includes the coordination of the Aeronautical Security Study that the RPAS Operator must perform with the air traffic provider (Article 24 of Royal Decree 1036/2017) as a compulsory previous step to obtaining the authorisation granted by AESA (Article 40.1c) that enables RPAS to operate in an airspace controlled by ENAIRE. If as an RPAS Operator you already have AESA's authorisation, you can initiate the coordination of an operation for a specific date and place by using the Application Form for Activity with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), which is also on ENAIRE's website.

Los campos con un asterisco * son obligatorios.


Attach Appendix A1 or Previous Communication (Article 39 of Royal Decree 1036/2017) sealed by AESA (State Air Safety Agency) *


Operation Mode *
RPA type*

Usual duration of the Operation type *

Maximum altitude (above sea level) of the Operation*

Attach below the Aeronautical Security Study to be coordinated with ENAIRE*


Controller: ENAIRE. | Purpose: Analyse and coordinate the Aeronautical Security Study presented in accordance with Royal Decree 1036/2017. | Legitimation: The processing is based on article 6.1.c) of the GDPR: Air navigation regulations. | Recipients: The transfer of data to AESA (State Air Safety Agency) has been planned. | Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, through ENAIRE's Central Data Protection Unit (UCPD, acronym in Spanish) - Avda. de Aragón, 330 - Edificio B - 28022 Madrid or through its E-Office (

Further information: For more information, refer to this page.

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